My first hackathon and I won! Here’s the full experience and how I used my Marketing skills.

  • The first thing I did once I knew we were creating a screener, was created a wireframe of how I wanted the site to look on desktop and mobile. I did this using Canva.
  • Using HTML and CSS I brought the wireframe to life, by putting elements where they needed to go, deciding what I wanted them to be, and how I wanted them to look (buttons, sliders).
  • I researched and used Color Psychology to pick an ADHD-friendly color throughout the site.
  • I researched and used Font Psychology to find ADHD-friendly fonts and decided on one from Google Fonts.
  • I used Canva to create an “80HD” logo using both Color and Font psychology, as well as a plain old pun! (“80HD” sounds like “ADHD”).
  • How important Javascript is when it comes to making your HTML and CSS “do something”. Sure, I made cute buttons, but without my partner using Javascript, if you clicked on them, they’d do nothing.
  • If you don’t test your limits, you’ll remain stagnant. Creating the slider was challenging because I’d never done so before. I had to research how to do it and then implement what I learned. At some point, the slider broke, but I went back and fixed it.



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