List of Marketing Project Ideas to help you stand out as a candidate next year

2 min readDec 24, 2021


So, friend, I frequently come across Articles, Videos, and Twitter Threads suggesting that those interested in technical roles, create projects in addition to earning certifications. This is so they gain needed hands-on experience to potentially land a job. For example, someone learning to code might create a Twitter bot.

However, I don’t see projects suggested for those like us, who want to take the non-technical route into tech, specifically marketing. That is how this article came about. I created this list of project ideas to help others get started, but I’ll be doing some of these myself.

The List:

  • Create a hypothetical case study
  • Code a basic site for your own portfolio
  • Begin a microblog and publish articles consistently
  • Create a Marketing Plan for a made-up ideal client/brand*
  • Create a sample content calendar for a made-up ideal client/brand*
  • Create an End of Month report based on your own social media analytics
  • Create a new social media account and grow it out based on strategy
  • Come up with a welcome sequence for the email list of a made-up brand*

*I suggest “made-up” because ideas get stolen every day on the Internet with no credit given to the creators

What’s next?

Once you’ve completed your projects make sure to add them to your portfolio, list them on your resume, and create a section for them on LinkedIn. Almost anyone can study for something and pass, actually applying it is an entirely different ball game! Hiring managers, recruiters, and those of the like want to know that in addition to our marketing certifications, we have actually applied what we’ve learned.

To take this up a notch, consider doing one of these projects for a friend’s business. You’ll get to help them out, gain that hands-on experience, and get a testimonial that you can add to the “recommendation” section on your LinkedIn profile!

Credit: Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels




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