4 reasons why I’m choosing tech and how I’ll be documenting the journey

2 min readDec 23, 2021

Hey, friend! I’m Steph.

I am CEO and social media manager of Your Fave VA, where I help Mental Health Professionals build community and awareness on social media by utilizing social media strategy and content creation. I’m also a self-care blogger over at Lavi Stephie. If you couldn’t tell, Mental Health is something near and dear to me.

My next accomplishment will be becoming a marketer in tech!

Why choose tech?

  • the industry needs more Black women
  • the industry is flooded with remote opportunities
  • the industry pays generously
  • the industry has tons of room for growth

This blog is a marketing project I created, to document my journey into tech. I’ve set the ambitious goal to secure a role in tech within the next 6 months! You can read more about how I plan to do that in this thread here. Along the way, I hope to encourage others that are on a similar journey, help educate those looking for a non-technical route into tech, and share as many resources as possible.

I’ll be documenting by writing about marketing, my studying habits, what I’m learning, my experiences with recruiters, interview tips, mistakes I make. . . all of the things really and usually in 300 words or less. I won’t keep you long. Now, remember, I’m not in tech yet, so I’ll be sharing about some of these things as I experience them (some for the first time). Hopefully, my experience will help you remain focused and keep your fire lit!

Before you go. . .

  1. I’m inviting you to follow along here and share your journey with me as well.
  2. Would you like for me to write or tweet about something in particular? I’m all ears! Please submit your questions and/or requests here.

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